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2009: The Int'l Year of Cosmoclimatology

... Planetary, stellar and galactic tidal forces which influence solar magnetic variations are a major contributor to climate change.  While militant environmental activists emphasize carbon emissions as the key player to climate change, most of it is just "gay" paranoia and fraud.  While irregular, the Earth cools and warms cyclically, following solar activity, as the sun moves along the spiral arms of the Milky Way.

In fact, just a few centuries ago, during the Medieval Warm Period, Chinese mariners could sail through a relatively "ice-free" arctic  (an impossible feat today even with icebreakers) as Zhou Wen did when his fleet circumnavigated a truly green-pastured  Greenland around the 1400s, searching for the North Pole for good Feng Shui ("wind-water").  But shortly after, the Little Ice Age occurred and froze the area, which is still frozen today, limiting sea travel.  Indeed, as the ancient Feng Shui Masters say, everything in the universe is yin and yang.

Despite initial Western skepticism, the link between climate change and solar activity is now being seriously investigated by the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) through the CLOUD project, along with Denmark's National Space Institute through the Center for Sun-Climate Research.

And In 2009, a dramatic confirmation of Astrophysicist Henrik Svensmark's work in the Danish center was made apparent to me when several typhoons hit Taiwan and the Philippines, producing record rainfall and flooding, not seen since about 50 years ago. 

Svensmark points to a relationship between solar activity, cosmic rays and cloud formation currently being tested by CERN. Solar minimums lead to high cosmic rays, which lead to cloud formation and cooling.  NASA's ACE spacecraft reports record-high cosmic rays in 2009 not seen since 50 years ago.  This would lead to more condensation of warm air from the tropics and increased rainfall, like the condensation of more glasses of cold water in the summer. It was the same about 50 years ago.

Astrophysical Link to Earthquakes
...Role of Tidal Force
...Animals sense electric charge prior to quake
...crazy animals sense quake in 2008
...Jann-Yeng Liu proves electrical disturbance prior to quakes
...NASA tests viability of a satellite-based quake warning system using Jann-Yeng Liu's research

Astrophysical Link to Volcanic Eruptions
...Role of Tidal Force
Astrophysical Link to Freshwater-Fish Feeding Habits
...Solunar Fishing Calendar
Astrophysical Link to Plant Growth
...Agricultural Calendar

...Survival of Ancient China depended on calendar accuracy for optimal planting and harvesting
Astrophysical Link to Earth Life
...Radiation & Mutations
...Recent Mutations
...Continuous Mutations
...Genographic Project: All Humans are One Race
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Rodney St.Michael's
Dynamic Elements

(Air in the Void)



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Original Retired Blog

Down to Earth Video
of Childhood Schizophrenia

in the Oprah Winfrey Show
featuring Jani Schofield's
 Wednesday the Rat & 400 the Cat

My Message to Oprah

Gays are From Mars, Bisexuals are From Venus
Jani Schofield needs a Chinese Fu Dog or Azure Dragon
 to take control of "Tom & Jerry"


Rodney St.Michael's Dynamic Yin Gender-Mind Table

Males Yellows Air or Wood Azure Dragon #5
(no wings!),
Dog #11, Ox #2, The Ghost of Christmas Present, Kids as Spectators in a Bakugan Brawl
Jupiter (ego)
Females Brown Female Water Black Tortoise,
 Snake#6, Monkey#9,
Sheep/Goat #8,
Eve's Tibetan Red Dragon (no wings!) pointing to the open knowledge tree at the middle, against the Almighty Bisexual superego-id
(s.e.- id lover)
Lesbians Blacks Earth Yellow Dragon, Boar#12, Our Lady of Fatima Saturn
(s.e.- id swinger)
Gays Whites Fire Vermillion Bird, Rat#1,
Cock #10, Big Bird, Mickey Mouse,
Bugs Bunny #4, Winnie the Pooh, American Eagle, The Ghost of Christmas Past European Winged Red Dragon, Satan or Lucifer the Archangel Atheist
Mars (id)
(some Lesbian)
Brown Male Space Ether or Metal White Tiger #3, Cat#13,
Horse #7, The Ghost of Christmas Future, YHVH the Biblical God
(superego-id pendulum fighter)

Gorintou Pagoda:
A difficult alternative gender-mind formation
to produce peace,
where an Earth (Lesbian) "cube" supports
a Water (Female) "sphere" that supports
a Fire (Gay) "funnel" that supports
a Wood (Male) "cup" that supports
the disgraced Ether (Bisexual) Cat in the "Hat"
balancing at the Top.

Astrophysical Link to Gender:
The one-third "error" rate
found all over the web for this predictor
is possibly related to unusual mental conditions.
Ovule Membrane Polarity Cycle & Modern Gender Calendar

Astrophysical Link to Animal Ovulation Cycles
Astrophysical Link to Human Ovulation Cycles
Hormonal Link to Ovulation Cycles
Hormonal Levels During Pregnancy
General Behavioral Link to Hormonal Levels

Pheromone Link to Ovulation Cycles
Sexual Behavioral Link to Ovulation Cycles

Neurotransmitter Link to Ovulation Cycles
Behavioral Link to Neurotransmitters

Thus, behavior or personality is linked to astrophysical phenomena. 


The Anonymous Author of the Ancient Baby-Gender Calendar left the rough calendar "undone." And when it was found later in a Chinese Royal Tomb, kept secret for at least 700 years, since the Islamic Golden Age by Chinese royal families, it was rediscovered after the fall of China's last emperor and the Manchu Dynasty in 1911.  It did not really have instructions on how to use it properly or what calendar (luni-solar "yin-yang" or solar "yang") to use.  It seems that the author realized the Pandora's "Box," vessel or womb that he held, and instead of destroying this Holy Grail or developing it, he decided on a middle-way approach to his dilemma, leaving the "Oracle Tripod" up to the discoverer of his work to decide on whether they want to fill in the details (such as the probability blocks for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, schizophrenics, "mongoloids," etc.), allowing Thing1 and Thing2 to come out of the "box," or to simply leave the "cauldron" closed, leaving it to Rest in Peace (R.I.P.).  Indeed, as Dr Seuss ends his classic book, The Cat in the Hat, "Now, what should we do?  Well... What would you do if your mother asked you?"


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